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Our Trading and Brokerage Division represents over 9,000 clients and has consistently had the highest turnover compared to peers trading on the LuSE.

LuSE Overview

The LuSE is a modern securities exchange based on the most current international standards and practices, including a central share depository system, trade-for-trade netting clearing and T+3 rolling settlement, and it meets G30 recommendations for clearing and settlements system design and operation.

Investment incentives include: no exchange controls, no restrictions on shareholding levels, no restrictions on foreign ownership, no capital gains tax and no property transfer tax on listed securities. Corporate income tax is reduced to 30 percent for companies listed on LuSE. Pangaea Securities’ Brokerage and Trading Division provides sales functions as well as a trading platform for institutional and retail

Pangaea has strong ties with local and international institutional investors. This balance sheet of networks, allows the firm to pull expertise and capital from across the globe into Zambia